BICP Africa is a licensed partner of the Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) which offers professional training and certification for individuals who lead group rides or teach mountain bike skills clinics. The BICP is building on proven, successful methods nearly three decades in development, and aims to establish a global standard for mountain bike skills instructor training. The BICP is in partnership with Cycling USA and is accredited by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA).

With origins dating back to 1995, our training materials are built on 27 years of coaching experience, skill development, and program building.

The BICP is demystifying the process of teaching mountain biking skills in a structured progression.

More than 500 BICP courses have been led Globally, certifying 3000 individuals. The BICP continually develops the curriculum and training for our Instructor Trainers to maintain high-quality standards.

BICP Africa is headed up by Wessel Jacobsz & Victoria Rose, both accomplished skills instructors and industry leaders.

Meet Your Coaches

All our coaches at Mastering MTB Skills are professional BICP Certified Instructors (Bike Instructor Certification Program) with awesome personalities filled with enthusiasm that guarantee a fun, safe progression session on your bike.

We believe there are aspects to coaching that go beyond certification and that’s being able to read and understand each individual. Our coaches understand that every person comes with their own fears and perspectives and they know how to treat each individual in a thoughtful way.

Keeping riders safe and helping each individual push through their limits is challenging and a very important part of our job. Our coaches share mountain biking tips and techniques to help riders develop and hone their skills, using their experience to know when and how far to push each individual.

We always bear in mind that it’s hard for someone to go beyond their fears or break through their skill plateau. Our MTB skills clinics are designed to help get you to break through your own mental or physical barriers, and the best feeling for us is when we see a client have that ‘ah-ha’ moment and their bike and body start becoming one – that is the magic moment for both the coach and the student.

Seeing your progression realized is our biggest KPI and that’s why we love what we do!