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Online coaching video platform

Mountain Bike Training Center was created by Shaums March as a way to share his love for coaching with you. Shaums has had a long successful coaching career and hopes these videos help you to feel more comfortable on your bike.
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Riley Ramps is excited to provide BICP instructors with a special offer, a $200.00 discount on our Launch’R Pad Package and our Boot Drop accessories. Riley Ramps is a maker of portable, modular ramps and ramp systems for most wheeled sports. What makes these ramps and systems special is that they are customizable for all ages and all skill levels of riders. 

Riley Ramps is a proud supporter of the BICP and all certified instructors. The sport of Mountain Biking has been such a welcoming community that we want to give back. Riley Ramps has created this ramp package just for BICP instructors.  

Our Launch’R Pad Package is perfect for instructors. It can be customized from an 8’’ ramp to a 16” tabletop to help individuals build confidence. Ready to teach Roll Down Lunge and Picnic Table Demonstration for Bike/Body Separation? This can also be done with this package. Have a student wanting to learn how to jump? The Launch’R Pad Package includes two 16” straight ramps.  

To receive this special BICP instructor discount, email Provide a copy of your instructor certificate and you will be given a one-time discount code to purchase this package. 

To learn more about Riley Ramps and our products visit our website at