BICP Host Duties

BICP hosts come in all forms – individuals, businesses, land managers, summer program directors, and more. The host for a BICP course is the BICP’s point of contact and our on-the-ground local knowledge source. A host’s duties are minimal but essential to ensure a successful certification event. Some examples of host duties are:

  • Confirming that the chosen site meets all requirements
  • Gaining any permissions needed to use the land and providing permit fee information to the ICP
  • Pre-event communication with BICP’s Instructor Trainer to confirm details
  • Receive course handout paperwork and deliver to the Instructor Trainer (IT) upon his/her arrival
  • Meet the IT onsite on the morning of day 1
  • Give the IT a tour of the area that will be used for the certification course
  • Be present or nearby at the start of each training day for last-minute logistical issues
  • Make sure any facilities that the BICP will be utilizing are unlocked prior to the course start each day

What Happens When You Host

If your location is chosen to host a BICP course, an event registration page will be created on our site and added to our calendar of events and the BICP schedule.

The BICP will market the course to our wide network of mountain bikers, retailers, public land managers, which is accomplished via regional email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and via additional marketing channels (partner networks).

Hosting a course at your location exposes it to a much larger group of riders than just the individuals participating in the BICP training. Those certified instructors often return to the same location to hold their own mountain bike skills clinics, broadening the audience for your riding area.

Working with the BICP demonstrates that you recognize the importance of professional mountain bike training and will be at the forefront of this movement!