Recertification – Level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor

Expired/Expiring Instructors

Details on annual dues and policies to maintain this certification can be found at

Why: All BICP Level 3 instructors are required to recertify in-person every four years. Recertification is essential for maintaining a level of quality and standards among all BICP certified instructors. BICP protocols such as recertification make this a leading training program that provides maximal credential value to instructors. Stay current with BICP training methods and maintain your esteemed certification.

How: Find a Level 3 course that meets your schedule. Contact the BICP administration for your discounted rate. Attend the 3-day course and share your experience and knowledge with other instructors.

Cost: $325 USD. All participants must be in good standing with their annual membership dues.

Our Expectations: At this stage, we expect to see that as a rider you have mastered the Fundamental Elements and can demonstrate and teach ANY of the skills on your first attempt along with proper error detection and correction using positive critique. We will expect that you are comfortable and fluent with all current keywords and teaching points along with proper demonstrations and progressions performed using PLATFORM/FLAT PEDALS.

You will be tested on the following:

  • Fundamental Elements
  • Skill Description
  • Demonstrations
  • Group Management
  • Error Detection and Corrections
  • Progressions
  • Communication
  • Leadership & Professional Conduct

Level 3 Course Skills:

  • Trackstand – review
  • Northshore Dismount
  • Nose Manual Turn
  • ¼ Punch Front Wheel Lift – review
  • Manual Front Wheel Lift – review
  • Bunny Hop
  • Level Lift to the Side
  • Lunge Drop
  • Stomp Drop
  • Pumping
  • Highspeed Cornering – review
  • Berm Cornering
  • Jumping

 Level 3 Ride Standards

In order to pass the BICP Level 3 course, participants must demonstrate an understanding of the material, perform a suitable teaching simulation, and pass a written test.