Jake Carsten ICP Instructor Trainer


Instructor Trainer

Jake Carsten is an avid mountain biker, professional trail builder, and mountain biking skills coach, currently based in Austin, TX. He has had the privilege of riding singletrack, bike parks, and downhill resorts all over North America, and recently South America, as well as meeting bike clubs and mountain bikers all over the U.S. As a member of the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew, he spent a year traveling all over the country teaching mountain bikers, land managers, and policymakers about sustainable trail building, bike handling skills, effective advocacy, and health and economic benefits of natural surface trails and mountain biking. This also gave him the wonderful opportunity to train under and work with some of the top professional trail builders in the world.

Carsten also has a history of BMX racing and freestyle from his teenage years, competing on both the German BMX racing circuit and in the American Freestyle Association (AFA). Jake continues to keep this passion alive through dirt jumping and pump track riding.

Carsten became certified as a Level 2 Instructor in 2011, and then as a Level 3 Instructor in 2015, training under Shaums March. He continues to strive for growth as both a rider and instructor, constantly seeking out opportunities to learn from others in the field. Carsten feels that the pursuit of mastery in an endeavor is a lifelong process.

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