Dr Rae Gandolf ICP Instructor Trainer


Instructor Trainer

Dr. Gandolf, a mountain bike monomaniac and veterinarian, has been increasingly consumed by bicycles for 15 years. Having started out with cross-country and endurance racing, she found her true obsession with downhill riding. With several regional pro DH titles under her belt, she placed second overall in the 2014 U.S. national series, raced at the North American world cups, and climbed to the top of the USA Cycling overall rankings. She attributes her success in part to taking an IMIC clinic in 2006 and receiving regular coaching from Shaums March.

Gandolf has also been an advocate – leading her regional bike club in Ohio (AOA, an IMBA chapter), doing volunteer trail building and directing fundraising events like endurance rides and enduro competitions. She began coaching with IMIC certification in 2010 via both one-on-one lessons and large-scale clinics. When she’s not on a bike, you are likely to find Gandolf doctoring about every type of critter you can imagine.

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