Dr Rae Gandolf ICP Instructor Trainer

Dr. Rae Gandolf

Instructor Trainer

Rae Gandolf has been a proponent of the mtb lifestyle since she discovered it nearly 20 years ago. After paying her dues to become a veterinarian, mountain biking began as a great stress management tool, a compelling source of competition, a means for physical fitness, and a way to meet like-minded people. One of those people was a bike shop owner who shared in her journey, including her eventual marriage at an indoor bike park. Quickly drawn to competitions by how they commanded improvement in bike handling, Rae later developed a keen interest in the skill break down.  She delights in making the learning curve less steep for others who want to compete or ride for fun.

Though Rae’s MTB passion started out in cross-country and endurance disciplines, it escalated rapidly when she discovered downhill She recently moved on from 10 years on the race scene after competing for the US Team in three world cups and collecting many regional pro titles and national podiums. In addition to great trail, dirt jumps and indoor parks are among her favorite places to spend time on a bike.

Rae attributes her success in part to taking an IMIC (now BICP) clinic in 2006 and subsequently receiving regular coaching from Shaums March. Seeing the amazing potential for bike instruction to help people grow a love for mountainbiking led her to become a certified coach in 2010 and then to begin certifying others as an Instructor Trainer in 2014.

When she’s not on a bike, you are likely to find ‘Gandolf’ doctoring about any type of critter you can imagine, digging for her local MTB club, or sculpting in a bronze studio.

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