BICP Patrol Cyclist Certification- Portland, OR – Sept 16-19, 2023

$65.00 / year for 4 years and a $1,000.00 sign-up fee

Patrol Cyclist Instructor Trainer Certification 

A 4-day course that certifies an individual to teach intermediate bike skills.

Skills covered include body position, braking, shifting, climbing, descending, bike/body separation, wheel lifts, and much more.

19 Fundamental Skills that are the foundation for balance, control, and stability.

10 Intermediate Skills which will dive into stability and biomechanics.

5 Advanced Skills which will introduce advanced maneuvers and dismounts.

Further topics include stability and biomechanics, teaching strategy, teaching plans, and measuring tools i.e., scorecards and evaluation forms, goal setting, proper demonstrations, teaching points, progressions, and more.

Each move is broken down into basic steps including follow-through and safety notes.

Much of this course focuses on observation and how to detect and correct errors. Each BICP Patrol Cyclist Instructor Trainer will be tested on this ability during their practical evaluation.

In order to pass the course, and be a certified Patrol Cyclist Instructor Trainer participants must demonstrate an understanding of the material, perform a suitable teaching simulation, and pass a written test.

Patrol Cyclist Trainer Pre-requisites:

  • 100+ hours of patrol experience
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification
  • Five or more years of biking experience
  • A personable individual with good communication skills and a desire to help others

All BICP Patrol Cyclist Instructor Trainers are members of the Bike Instructor Certification Program.

Requirements include:

  • Remain current with your $65 annual dues.
  • Hold a current first-aid certificate.
  • All Patrol Cyclist Instructor Trainers are required to conduct 10 hours of annual training.

BICP strongly recommends annual bike skills training as a part of your department’s annual training requirements. The BICP minimum standard for all bike patrol officers is to complete a pass of all LEVEL 2 INTERMEDIATE SKILLS.

Once a bike patrol officer has completed their training, from a certified BICP Patrol

Cyclist Instructor Trainers are asked to register with the BICP to receive a Certification of completion for each level.

Host Information:

City of Portland – Police Department c/o Officer John Young