Travis Brown, Level-2 Instructor Trainer,  will be hosting conference calls about topics that will help you hone your skills instruction. Our development as an instructor doesn’t stop when you pass your certification course. Getting better at teaching and connecting with your participants is ever-changing. It can take time to develop the tools for becoming an incredible instructor. Through these meetings, we will be giving you some shortcuts to accelerate your growth and establish a strong community of Mountain Bike Instructors.


Wednesday, May 1st- Best Hiring Practics

Hiring the right coaches can make or break your MTB business. This week we are going to drop into hiring strategies. We will go over steps for finding applicants, what qualities to look for in a  coach/guide and important considerations for training. If you have hired guides or coaches for your business, join us and share what success and challenges you faced!

This call will take place at 6:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time.

Wednesday, May 17th – Productive Cone Placement
For every coach and every skill there seems to be different options for setting up your cones. How we structure our learning zone is really important for our participants! This week will be talking about concepts for setting up our cones. We will go over some recommended placements, variations on those cone placements, and strategies to create productive cone zones.
See you at 6 MDT!

Talks with Travis Video Archive

The Talks with Travis Archive is full of all of our previously recorded talks and is only accessible to signed in members of the BICP. You can explore topics on everything from working with kids to video breakdowns of specific skills. If you want to become a better coach, guide, or instructor, this is where you should be.