Bike Instructor Certification Program
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February 2, 2018

To whom it may concern:

This letter has been written to confirm that Bike Instructor Certification Program is a sole source service provider. The Bike Instructor Certification Program maintains all copyright privileges and licenses related to Intellectual Property in the creation of the Bike Instructor Certification Program. The methodology and terminology used in the BICP courses continue to evolve as we develop new curriculum and training for our instructor trainers. The Certification program provides standardization for skills development, focused on skill analysis, effective teaching, and skills progressions.


If you desire additional information, please contact me at (360)527-5223, or by email,


Nicole Gerow
Bike Instructor Certification Program
Director of Business Administration


Our mission is to advance the global standard for mountain bike instruction, driving an inclusive community that empowers our members through education, certification, service, and experience.


Sole Source Provider Letter