The BICP is looking for sponsors and donors. We believe in aligning with like-minded companies and brands and building long-term relationships that help us support our community.


Bike Instructor Certification Program, formally known as IMBA-ICP, now a stand-alone non-profit 501(c) 3. The Bike Instructor Certification Program has experienced a very successful start, since branching out on its own, and our courses continue to receive a high level of demand.


Bike Instructor Certification Program’s mission is to advance the global standard of mountain bike instruction, driving an inclusive community that empowers our members through education, certification, service, and experience.


In 2018, we conducted 72 certification courses and certified over 300 new members and hired 10 new Instructor Trainers. We are continuing to grow and the changes we are making are having an impact in the mountain bike industry. In 2019, we conducted 96 certification courses (doubling the number of courses offered through IMBA-ICP) and certified over 450 new members and hired 6 more new Instructor Trainers. To date, we have 2600 mountain bike instructors in our network.

On average, our members are conducting 6 mountain bike skills instruction courses month, giving our sponsors a minimum of 100,000 in-person impressions with an educator who is proven to be an influence in the industry.


NICA (National Inter-Scholastic Association)

is currently using the BICP curriculum for their coaches and coach supporters.

USA Cycling

recognizes the BICP curriculum as the official mountain bike skills training program for their coaches.

Boy Scouts of America

certifies their mountain bike instructors with the BICP curriculum

Patrol Officer Certifications

Seattle Police Department, Tampa Bay Police Department, Portland Police Department, Moscow-Idaho Police


We feel the BICP is the most direct way to create and sustain a constant flow of new mountain bike riders being introduced to our sport, while injecting new energy into the mountain bike communities with the opportunity to influence riders on their product choices. In order to grow the BICP as the global standard and properly expand the curriculum we must increase our resources.

Sponsors of the BICP, have access to audience of passionate and highly impressionable enthusiasts. The BICP brings an increased exposure and brand awareness to our supporters. The BICP will introduce your brand to the new and progressing rider, with a disposable income, who is looking for advice from a trusted source.

With your support, the BICP will introduce your brand to a fresh new demographic through a leading industry ambassador.

28 Instructor Trainers; Global courses conducted USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Israel, Australia, South Africa



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Friends of BICP

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$2500 +

Level 3


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Nicole Gerow – email nicole@icp.bike phone (360) 527-5223