Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Jonas Hecht – Level 1 Instructor

July 2022
“I was quite new to the topic of coaching people about mountain biking skills – as opposed to many other attendees, who had much more experience already. Gladly my BICP instructors Roxy and Berni reassured me that this course is also for starters in coaching – and they were able to explain and show(!) everything we need as a coach throughout the course”.
“The BICP focus on getting the participants into practical training as soon as possible and as much as possible is something really outstanding. Also, Roxy and Berni did a great job from my point of view to really get all participants going with the BICP way of giving skills classes – yet always keeping an eye on the high standards everybody needs to pass the exam day”.
“Level 1 is really packed with so many things and skills to know – it was quite hard to get my head around every single topic in only 3 days. I really have the feeling that the BICP Level 1 could really profit in many ways from some more days (maybe 5 or so – or even split the course into 2 separate dates?). After the course, I had the chance to talk to many coaches and guides in Germany and Austria this year and the bottom line was mostly, that many not knowing the BICP thought the program was quite “smallish” compared to other local courses (like DIMB, etc.) – but as I told them, how many topics we went through in just 3 days they were really surprised. I think it’s even the other way around: the BICP provides a much more detailed program on mountain biking technique, and this should also reflect in the time you need to invest (even to the outside world – like other coaches)”.
All in all, I would and will always recommend the BICP courses along with the kind of teaching I will try to apply in my own courses. It’s a fantastic chance to be able to attend the program right here in Germany and it’s a pleasure to see how inspiring Roxy and Berni represent the program. I really need to order my BICP swag soon 🙂