Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Mary Elges – Level 1 Instructor

“I had a really great experience with the BICP certification last weekend at Killington.  I had been previously certified by PMBIA, and I found the BICP certification way more detailed in its process of teaching mountain biking instruction to a potential coach.  I walked away feeling confident that I knew the materials and, even better, I could teach them”.

Tony was an excellent instructor who kept that class moving and interesting.  He taught the concepts very well and aided us in our practice teaches, so we thoroughly understood them, and this helped every understand what was expected of us in the exam.

If the level 2 certification is held at Killington in the spring or summer, I will be attending. I have been a Junior Olympics gymnastics coach for over 18 years coaching athletes to the college level, and I have raced pro in three cycling disciplines, and I really enjoyed the whole process of this certification.  in addition, Thank you for all your help.

-Cheers, sincerely, Mary Elges