The Bike Instructor Certification Program is a global platform that connects people and provides a shared space to foster better understanding. Check our FAQs for help, or email us for further assistance.

General BICP Questions

All certifications from the previous courses, CMIC, IMIC, and IMBA-ICP, will be tracked and honored by the BICP.  Certifications, renewals, and expiration dates will not change.

A of January 1, 2018, the BICP is no longer a part of IMBA and operates as its own non-profit business. Your membership dues help to continue to grow our program and community.

You can still be a member of IMBA; just note that your BICP certificate & membership are separate.

The Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) will continue as an Educational Certification. The BICP Certification is the preferred provider by IMBA, USA Cycling, and NICA. The certification standard will remain and grow at the highest level.

Yes, BICP will continue to offer BICP Level 1,2 and 3 courses globally along with our Ride Leader Certification. We have built a new and exciting curriculum that reflects the growth of our sport and serves our instructor and community needs. The BICP will continue to develop and lead the industry in a new cutting-edge curriculum.

The BICP curriculum changes include certifications for the following;

  • Ride Leader Certification Course.
  • aMTB Level 1 Fundamental Skills Instructor Certification Course.
  • aMTB Level 2 Intermediate Skills Instructor Certification Course.
  • MTB Level 1 Fundamental Skills Instructor Certification Course.
  • MTB Level 2 Intermediate Skills Instructor Certification Course.
  • MTB Level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor Certification Course.
  • Patrol Cyclist Certification Course.
  • Drop Bar Bike Level 1 Fundamental Skill Instructor Certification Course.

At BICP, we are committed to providing our instructors with the expertise and confidence they need to lead effective and safe training programs. We strongly encourage any individual with a current or expired certification to take advantage of our recertification program. Your certification is valid for four years, provided that your membership status remains current. After the 4-year mark, we require all instructors to attend an in-person recertification course. This is a critical step to ensure that we stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in the industry and keep our curriculum current. By choosing to recertify, you not only elevate your skills but also demonstrate your dedication to your profession and your commitment to providing the highest quality instruction to your clients.

We have renewed our partnership with Experticity (now called Expert Voice), and the BICP is working to bring on new partners for more benefits to our instructors and students.

Your credentials remain intact, the only thing that has changed is the name and striving to bring more value to you.

BICP wants to find ways to build an inclusive and ever-growing community. Please stay in touch with the BICP for courses near you, sign up for your newsletters, and interact with our community on Social Media.

Use the following tags to interact:  #BICP #LevelUP #mtb #certified  or mention us!, etc.

Registration For Courses

Please review the first Site requirements, then click Request a Course here to submit your request. We are always open to new locations wanting to HOST a course!

We offer many classes outside of the US! Please click and review steps to host and site requirements.

Yes, the Ride Leader Certification is available 100% online. This course is the prerequisite for taking the  Level 1 Fundamental Skills Instructor.

After you sign up, you have automatic access to all your course content via your membership profile. We will also send you an email with information about the online pre-course work. Completion of the precourse work is required to attend the course.

Following the successful completion of your course, you will receive a certificate and your BICP ID Card.

Yes, please do your part and stay current with your membership dues. If you have failed to keep up with your dues, please make a payment here.

*Membership dues are $65/year


Your course fees include the online access portal for your current course and the online resources associated with that level of certification.


Typically the sessions start at 8:00 am and last until approximately 6 pm. Your instructor will cover any changes in time and/or location.

  • Bring all gear you typically ride with (pack, pads, etc)
  • Food, or , money for food
  • Hydration
  • Sunscreen, bug spray (or any other sundry that will help you be more comfortable at the skills site)
  • Helmet* (*Depending on the location, you may have explicit instructions to bring a full-face helmet/pads, for example: skills session in a lift- assisted bike park)
  • A bike in good working condition,
  • Any repair items ‘just in case’.
  • Pen/writing utensils
  • Your course book
  • An openness to learning!

Your class host, who will is listed on the BICP event on our website, can also be contacted with any additional questions.

Please refer to the information posted online (for your course) about lodging, food, and bike shops near the course. You may contact the bike shop or other shops for renting demo bikes.

Yes – barring natural disasters (hurricanes, tornados, fires, blizzards), the classes will still be held. We have Plan B’s in place to conduct the courses for optimum safety.

The BICP values safety first, and, being a coach or guide, we need to be familiar with performing the skills with flats.  We encourage all beginner riders (those clients you will be coaching and guiding in your classes and businesses) to start with flats as they allow greater freedom to move and, more importantly, they learn the techniques and fine-tuning that is key to progression.  SPDs/Clipless certainly have their place in mountain biking; building a proper skills foundation without them have a lasting, more profound effect in our experience.

General Questions

The BICP is accredited by IMBA, NICA, and USA Cycling along with many other organizations, for the quality of our certification standard to remain and grow at the highest level all participants must start with a Ride Leader certification. The Ride Leader course will provide you with the information to lead safe and enjoyable mountain bike rides.

70% is required on all parts of the course, including the pre-test, practical, teach, and final written exam.

If you do not pass any portion of the course you should contact the administration on how to RETEST.

Once you have completed your certification you will be issued a diploma and ID card with your current certification status and date of course. Please list your qualifications as according to your level of certification: “Ride Leader”, “Level 1 Fundamental Skills Instructor”, “Level 2 Intermediate Skills Instructor”, “Level 3 Advanced Skills Instructor”.

If you are on Linked In, you can add this to your profile using these steps:

  • After logging into your linked in account, go to “edit my profile” by clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the profile
  • You can either click on that to make changes,  scroll down to the certification section towards the bottom and click the pencil icon there OR;
  • Click on the “Add profile section” blue box
  • Go to Accomplishments/ Certifications – click on the Add button (+) and you’ll see the Edit Certification box appear.
  • Select “Bike Instructor Certification Program (Formerly IMBA ICP)” in the ‘certification authority’ drop down.
  • You’ll note that we don’t have a license number or link for the cert but you can insert the BICP website instead.
  • Click Save!

Yes, please do your part and stay current with your membership dues. If you have failed to keep up with your dues, please log-in to your account on and pay the current years’ dues*.

*membership dues are $65/year

BICP wants to find ways to build our inclusive and ever-growing community. Please stay in touch with the BICP for courses near you, sign up for your newsletters, and interact with our community on Social Media.

Use the following tags to interact:  #BICP #mtb  #LevelUP #Leaders or mention us!, etc.

Share your photos, your accomplishments, your questions, and your events!

The BICP was created in order to provide available training for those looking to learn and then share their knowledge with others. Certification is an investment in you as an individual and in our sport. Your direct support is providing an opportunity to share our passion while steadily growing a very important program for the future of mountain biking.

The BICP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your fees go towards the Administration and business-related fees associated with our program.

  • As a member of the BICP, you have access to Industry Pro-deals from our Sponsors & Friends of BICP / preferred providers.
  • Exclusive Insurance program for BICP certified instructors through AdventSure Insurance for the Outdoor World; A division of Town and Country Insurance
  • The BICP is globally recognized with certified members throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Israel, South Africa, Peru, Mexico. With Instructor trainers in the USA, Canada, Europe, and South Africa.
  • Online resources and training platform for Ride Leaders and pre-course work.

The cost of the BICP annual membership fees is $65.00

  • Annual membership dues are included in the Ride Leader course fees,(please contact Administration if you are current with your dues before registering for a course)
  • Annual membership dues will be set as a reoccurring payment through PayPal or Stipe
  • No refunds will be issued for membership dues.
  • Cancelation of membership dues is the responsibility of the individual member.

We recommend watching our videos, reviewing your course materials, and signing up for a skills prep classes we offer.

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