About the BICP

General BICP Questions

All certifications will continue and will be tracked and updated by the BICP.  Certifications, renewals and expiration dates will not change.

The Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) will continue as a stand-alone certification. We are working towards our non-profit status. The BICP is accredited by IMBA and many other organizations. The certification standard will remain and grow at the highest level.

Yes, BICP will continue to offer the BICP Level 1,2, and 3 courses globally along with our new Ride Leader Certification, some specialty certifications and non-certification training in the future. We are working hard to build a new and exciting curriculum that reflects the growth of our sport and serves our instructor and community needs. The BICP will continue to develop and lead the industry in new cutting-edge curriculum and we have big plans for 2018 and beyond!

BICP will be announcing all processes and plans for the new BICP including re-certifications in Spring 2018.

Re-Certification and Additional Questions

Anyone with a current or lapsed certification will be eligible to re-certify with BICP. All processes and plans for re-certification will be announced soon. Please contact us with specific questions.

Site requirements will remain the same so please review these first, then click here to submit your request. Request a Course here.

We have renewed our partnership with Experticity (now called Expert Voice), and the BICP will be working to bring on new partners for more benefits to our instructors and students.

BICP will be in touch with all instructors with increased support which will include a newsletter and better community support to find ways to help you all succeed in your business. 

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