Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Cullen Robinson – Program Manager for New England Disabled Sports

“As a program coordinator, as well as an instructor I was really happy with the package the brought to the table. From an organizational standpoint, scheduling was extremely easy and our ideologies matched up! Working with Nicole and Mike has been an absolute pleasure. A phone call and a few emails were all that it took for New England Disabled Sports to host TWO level 1 aMTB certification courses over 5 days. The fact that is a non-profit is another reason why we picked them over other certifying bodies. Whenever we had a phone conversation with the team you could tell that their only goal was to make sure that high-quality recreational instruction was available for everyone. From an instructor standpoint, this course was invaluable for me and has allowed me to teach a safer mountain bike lesson, as a one-on-one instructor, or lead a group ride. The keywords
learned, in the course associated with each skill give you a solid ground to stand on for a SAFE progression.”