NP_01406-Mike Holme-Headshot

Mike Holme

Instructor Trainer

Since the training wheels came off on a farm in rural Minnesota in 1974, Mike Holme has been in love with two wheels. He began his bike industry career at age 11 in a Minneapolis bike shop fixing flats and learning everything he could about bikes. He loved the challenges of Freestyle BMX and was influenced by Greg LeMond as a teen to pursue road racing. Realizing the benefits of fitness and skill combined with dreams of dirt, Mike traveled to Crested Butte and Moab for the first time in 1989.  

Mike began to guide trips in the 1990s. By 2004, Mike was operating his own tour company, Magpie Cycling, and has since purchased another tour company in Moab called SOLFUN. These are the premier MTB service providers in Moab, having the first entirely BICP-certified staff in the world!

Currently, Mike enjoys the new Enduro racing format, helping build and maintain Moab’s new trails, and continuing to develop his own riding and teaching skills while sharing his knowledge with as many riders as possible. Mike has a passion for learning and teaching and is proud to be a BICP Level 3 instructor.


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