Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Agustin J. Legorreta – Level 2 Instructor

“It’s almost a week since I got back from the L1-L2 Certification Program in Moab, and I can´t believe the awesome and life-changing experience I had. It has changed me as an MTB cyclist, and it defined the before and after for the BETTER in more ways than I would have thought possible.

The structure, in-depth analysis, and breakdown of each skill is amazing. It’s an invaluable set of tools that will make each of us better cyclists, and therefore, we can become extremely competent skills instructors. If you decide to get a Certification, prepare yourself to work hard and be on point each hour ‘cause it is not a walk in the park. I highly recommend it.  I can’t thank enough Mike Holme, [Instructor Trainer] in charge of our group, and Nicole Gerow [program manager]. I’m very proud of being part of the BICP team!”