Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Mary Elges

October 2022

“I had a really great experience with the BICP certification last weekend at Killington.  I had been previously certified by PMBIA and I found the BICP certification way more detailed in its process of teaching mountain biking instruction to a potential coach.  I walked away feeling confident that I knew the materials and even better I could teach them”.

Tony was an excellent instructor that kept that class moving and interesting.  He taught the concepts very well and aided us in our practice teaches so we thoroughly understood them, and this helped every understand what was expected of us in the exam.

If the level 2 certification is held at Killington in the spring or summer, I will be attending. I have been a Junior Olympics gymnastics coach for over 18 years coaching athletes to the college level, and I have raced pro in three cycling disciplines, and I really enjoyed the whole process of this certification.  in addition, Thank you for all your help.

-Cheers, sincerely, Mary Elges

Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Conner Sturgeon

June 2022

“I wanted to say thank you for working to provide such a fantastic experience with the certification program. I had an absolute blast this weekend, and the content was terrific. Travis was spectacular, and Kate always is!”

Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Jonas Hecht

July 2022
“I was quite new to the topic of coaching people about mountain biking skills – as opposed to many other attendees, who had much more experience already. Gladly my BICP instructors Roxy and Berni reassured me that this course is also for starters in coaching – and they were able to explain and show(!) everything we need as a coach throughout the course”.
“The BICP focus on getting the participants into practical training as soon as possible and as much as possible is something really outstanding. Also, Roxy and Berni did a great job from my point of view to really get all participants going with the BICP way of giving skills classes – yet always keeping an eye on the high standards everybody needs to pass the exam day”.
“Level 1 is really packed with so many things and skills to know – it was quite hard to get my head around every single topic in only 3 days. I really have the feeling that the BICP Level 1 could really profit in many ways from some more days (maybe 5 or so – or even split the course into 2 separate dates?). After the course, I had the chance to talk to many coaches and guides in Germany and Austria this year and the bottom line was mostly, that many not knowing the BICP thought the program was quite “smallish” compared to other local courses (like DIMB, etc.) – but as I told them, how many topics we went through in just 3 days they were really surprised. I think it’s even the other way around: the BICP provides a much more detailed program on mountain biking technique, and this should also reflect in the time you need to invest (even to the outside world – like other coaches)”.
All in all, I would and will always recommend the BICP courses along with the kind of teaching I will try to apply in my own courses. It’s a fantastic chance to be able to attend the program right here in Germany and it’s a pleasure to see how inspiring Roxy and Berni represent the program. I really need to order my BICP swag soon 🙂
Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Jonelle Tucker, Broker Owner, MS, CNE

April 2021
Hi Nicole,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for organizing this course at Valmont Bike Park this past weekend for us. The mission of this program, the information provided, the communication with you and your office, and especially the dedication, enthusiasm, and knowledge of our instructor Lisa Sher were exceptional.
I’m not a big social media person but would recommend this program to anyone and I look forward to future courses.  Thanks again for making something special happen during times that seem just a bit challenging for so many.
Take care of yourself.



Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Amanda Wais, President of Copper Harbor Vitality, LLC

May 2019
I coached at my first clinic since taking the BICP level 2 class this May, and my teaching has drastically improved.  My key words are on point and my assessments are spot on and very effective.  All my students loved me and progressed quickly.  So thank you for keeping this great program growing, so more people can learn to be great riders!
Amanda Wais, President
Copper Harbor Vitality, LLC, A Fresh Air Inspired Life

The Brady P. Project, Promoting Love, Acceptance and Mother Nature
Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Rafaella W. “Roxy”, Owner and Founder of Roxybike.com

August 2018

I flew all the way to the USA 🇺🇸 to complete the BICP Level 3 – Advanced Skill Instructor Certification (which is the highest qualification for MTB coaches *worldwide*, with less than 25 coaches who have ever successfully completed this certification). Although I had already taken part in many level 1-3 certifications in Europe, this course gave me an incredible insight into the finer nuances of advanced riding skills (such as manuals, jumping, nose manual turns, drops and fast cornering). I was so happy to have an extremely experienced and open-minded group and a great instructor – Shaums March – we all had great discussions, have been able to aid each other to make remarkable progress. (more…)

Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Tal Rozow

August 2018

I’ve been an active and certified instructor in Israel for over 5 years before doing the L1+L2 combo led by Shaums March – While I did expect to hone my skills and learn new things it was really surprising to see how much material goes in the course, the amount of details and eventually how my coaching ( and riding ) skills were massively upgraded. Now riders that come to my sessions simply get a better service, looking forward to Level 3 !

Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Agustin J. Legorreta

March 2018

“It’s almost a week since I got back from the L1-L2 Certification Program in Moab, and I can´t believe the awesome and life changing experience I had. It has changed me as an MTB cyclist and it defined the before and after for the BETTER in more ways that I would of thought possible.

The structure, in-depth analysis and breakdown of each skill is amazing. It’s an invaluable set of tools that will make each of us better cyclist and therefore, we can become extremely competent skills instructors. If you decide to get a Certification, prepare yourself to work hard and be on point each hour ‘cause it is not a walk in the park. I highly recommend it.  I can’t thank enough Mike Holme, [Instructor Trainer] in charge of our group and Nicole Gerow [program manager]. I’m very proud of being part of the ICP team!”

Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Melissa Werkman

May 2021

“The BICP program was the best investment I could have made for my guiding business. I feel much more confident in my ability to assess, instruct and lead safe, fun, and well-organized rides.”

Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Wild Bettys

July 2018

“The scenarios were realistic and it was incredibly helpful to see how others would respond to such a variety of relevant situations.”

Yaaaaa ICP testimonial thumbs up

Jon Strom

September 2022

Kate (Strom) and I had a great time and learned so much.  Travis is an outstanding instructor and seems to be an even better human being.  His feedback and instruction was extremely helpful and he did a great job of helping us progress through all of the skills over the weekend.  We truly enjoyed spending our weekend LEVELING UP and can’t wait to use our new certification and skills soon.  Coaching is so fulfilling and rewarding, I’m glad I get to share new skills with my community”.

As always, we continue to be impressed with BICP’s programming and the people you choose to work with.  We are honored to be affiliated with you.